Permanent Makeup – The process and great reasons why it would be good for you!!!!

What is Permanent Makeup???

Permanent Makeup is the art of applying natural hypoallergenic pigments into the dermal layer of the skin enhancing your natural features. So this is perfect for people who have allergies to normal makeup! There are a  wide range of bespoke pigment colours which are matched to each clients hair and skin tone, giving gorgeous permanent makeup 24 hours a day. Cosmetic tattooing last 2-5 years and it is recommended to get a colour boost to to refresh your makeup and keep it looking perfect!

Having a new pair of gorgeous brows, defining eyeliner or full symmetrical lips is increasingly popular, giving ladies and men the confidence and perfect features in the most natural way!!  With the beauty industry moving at such a fast pace, permanent makeup is quickly becoming one of the most popular treatments in the beauty industry !!!


Permanent Makeup is perfect for people who:

  • Have sparse or thinning browsEyebrows-2
  • Want perfect makeup 24/7
  • Have allergies to standard makeup
  • Would like to look instantly 10 years younger
  • Have little or no confidence in applying their own makeup
  • Want  perfect, defined eyebrows
  • Want to save time not having to apply makeup everyday
  • Want full symmetrical lips
  • Find it hard applying makeup due to poor eyesight
  • Have lost their natural features due to the ageing process
  • Are active sporty people who don’t want their makeup to smudge
  • Want striking, defining eyeliner

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