Not everyone is blessed with naturally luscious, pouty lips but with permanent makeup you can now have lips with more definition and fullness to create a shape which may have faded over time or give you that look you have always been looking for!

Aswell as plumping the lip area this treatment can correct the shape or symmetry that has been lost over the years also any scarring or imperfections!

Lip Liner

This defines the shape of the lips by applying a definitive line around the lips!

Lip Blush

Lip Blush is softly defined outline which is blended and faded about halfway into the lip area to give an amazing natural looking pout.

Full Lip Colour

A Full Lip Colour is a combination between a lip line and lip colour. Once the lip liner has been created the full body of the lips can be filled in with the colour or your choice creating beautiful pouty lips.

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